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    Wonder Weapons

      I'm sure people will disagree with my first idea, but I really do think that at least one zombie map should have every single wonder weapon in it. It's a controversial subject, but it could come with rules. By the way, I include special grenades as a wonder weapon. There are now 5, or 6 if you count ray gun, wonder weapons. If this idea is implemented then what Treyarch could do is put each different wonder weapon in a different box spot. Unlike most maps, I believe Der Riese did this, this idea would call for a preset box spot at the beginning of the game that was in the same place every time. The pairs for each different box spots could go as follows:

      Wunderwaffe + Gersch Device = Initial box spot likely to be in back of the map
      Winter's Howl + Matroyeshka Dolls = A box spot indoors, in a confined area
      Thunder Gun + Monkey Bombs = A box spot in an area seemingly wide open in space but all the while a dead end
      V-R11 + Unknown Special Grenade (I would surely hope that another one is to come) = A box in scientific scenery, no specific style
      Scavenger + Semtex = A box outside with area open for sniping, depending on current situation
      Ray Gun + Molotov Cocktails = The box that ends up in the area in which the players start (to go with the idea of it being the beginner wonder weapon)

      Probably another wonder weapon to come as well.

      Before this idea was to be considered to be making zombies too easy, but in my opinion, the maps are getting increasingly difficult. First we get the crawlers from Kino and Five, then we get the perk stealing monkeys from Ascension, and now we have the invincible George Romero. So far invincible anyway. To level out the power of these weapons some precautions could be made. Each player would only be able to get 1 of the 5 wonder weapons which are so overpowered. I don't understand the V-R11 yet, and have found a disliking to the Scavenger, but I'm sure in time I will see the strength. This would make it so that four of the weapons are at hand available. As for the Ray Gun it could be made that for the first time in the history of zombies the Ray Gun is only available to one player. At the same time this player would also be able to acquire and use his other wonder weapon. By other wonder weapon I, of course, mean one of the five wonder weapons deemed to original to have two of.

      This would give the Ray Gun a new importance and give every player the wonder weapon of their specific choice on one map. With the mystery box idea of having each weapon in a different place; the box would not get over crowded with wonder weapons and give the players at least an idea of what wonder weapon to hope for if they are to get any. Just as a side note I would also like to say that this would force players who haven't already done so to start relying on everybody getting a ray gun and give more of a variety to what each and every player has. In turn I think with all of the wonder weapons present maybe they should be brought up to maybe 7500 for PaP. That last thought is just a maybe.

      I have posted this before, but felt that the name of the post wasn't good enough so I have changed it to this. There are some things on this that are out dated so I will edit in after I get back on. As for now I must get off the forums though.
      Duke Harley