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    Black Ops 2 PMCs & Seal Team Six & Delta force

      PMCs (Private Military Corporations) do not have to act within certain regulations that usually accompany regular armies. Because of this reason,

      PMCs like Blackwater are used for covert operations that act above the law in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. There is no doubt that they were

      heavily used in black operations during the cold war. They have no obligation to list civilian casualties, motives, etc. Essentially, they

      are the perfect Black Operation team.

      A 1970s PMC similar to Blackwater would be a perfect faction for Black ops.

      Seal Team Six and Delta Force are not pmc's but they also are used for covert operations where failure is NOT an option. I did not mention SAS

      because they are british and its a cold war between the AMERICANS and the soviets.