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      Hello Wii Community!

      We (the Wii team) have something special for the hardcore fans that have stuck by us through the years. We’ve collected FOUR RC-XD surveillance vehicles that were part of the Prestige Editions of Black Ops, and had the team autograph them. We’ll be giving them away here on the boards where all the discussion lives.

      The cars are fully-functioning remote control vehicles, decked out with 4-wheel independent suspension, variable speed control, and wireless color video camera that transmits real-time footage back to the screen mounted on the controller. For more details on the car, you can watch this video:


      A new winner was selected for week 4!  Congratulations "WARDOG9600"!  You are our fourth and final winner! We are in the process of contacting all of the winners and we will get the RC-XD to them as soon as possible.

      Thank you for playing, everyone.

      6/3 - johnkopp
      6/10 - keyser soze
      6/17 - I love Aug
      6/24 - wardog9600

      Warm regards,
      -The Wii Team
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