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    So, I took a liking to the RC-XD.

      Following recent boredom, I decided to give these a whirl. Much to my surprise, the results were very favorable.

      Every time I call out a Spy Plane, it's seldom effective with the abundance of Ghost. That said, RC-XD's are very cost effective, especially when you have a good idea where people usually are (like chokepoints, overlooks, etc). Not only that, they're one of the best tools to dislodge campers, and Flak Jacket rushers who attempt to annex objectives. Being a Domination player at heart, this aids me greatly. Sure, one could say the Spy Plane helps the team, but so does the RC-XD when used against kill whores. They certainly beat the risk of dying several times to tenacious spawn trappers.

      Say what you'd like, but it does provide the uses.