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    Most obscure weapon you kept dying from?

      Being a far cry from typical cookie cutter classes, do you remember recent times where you're consistently fragged by an oddball weapon? Particularly those deemed ancient and inferior by the majority. How marveled were you by the individuals' skill in that weapon use? Elaborate pl0x.

      In a game of Launch, Domination, we were constantly picked off by an RPK user. I wasn't even sure how, but he always held firm at B and his accuracy seemed spot on. Our chances became dim, but the gunners' skill compelled me to stick around. He died some, but eventually gained multiple Blackbirds and came 35-4 with a healthy amount of defends. Next game I sided with him (while many splitscreeners formed the second team, lol) - needless to say, we steamrolled them.

      It felt so damn good.