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    New way to play Zombies

      This game mode pits you against your fellow players and friends and rather than working as a team allows you to employ dirty tactics against ones friends as well as discouraging point whoring and forcing you to use guns you normally wouldn’t.


      -     You may only buy a new gun or ammo for a current wall gun when you have no ammo left in that gun
      -     If you buy a gun or ammo for a gun that you have not run out of ammo you get a “Penalty”.  This includes Grenades
      -     Secondary Grenades do not count as a weapon.
      -     You may only shoot ammo at a zombie. If you shoot at least 1 bullet not directed towards a zombie, you get a “Penalty”
      -     You may only Pack-A-Punch a weapon if it has no ammo left in it. If it does have ammo in it when you Pack-A-Punch you get a “Penalty”

      -     You may not intentionally go down. If you do you get a “Penalty”
      -     You may board windows at any time to gain points.
      -     Stealing kills is encouraged and teamwork is discouraged.
      -     You may do anything to annoy or try to get a player killed. (Example – Turn on a trap before they have got through when they don’t have Juggernaut. Then revive them if they are stuck in the trap to get more revives.
      -     If you see a Max Ammo, you must do everything you can to get it otherwise you get a “Penalty”. You may attempt to buy a new weapon if you have no ammo in one before getting the Max Ammo. However if you do not get the Max Ammo before it runs out, you get a “Penalty”. You may also get the max ammo before everyone is ready for it. (Example – someone has no ammo left in the China Lake and wants to trade it so you get the Max Ammo so they have to use all the ammo up again.)
      -     You may buy Perks, Bowe Knife/Sickle & Bouncing Betties/Claymores at any time to reduce the amount of points you have. (see Penalties section as to why you don’t want to stack up the points)
      -     You may only buy a trap if there is a zombie nearby that can be killed by it. If you do buy a trap when there are no zombies you get a “Penalty”
      -     If you use the Mystery Box, you must take the weapon that comes out unless it is the Ballistic Knife. If it is the Ballistic Knife you may choose whether or not you want to trade for it or not.
      -     If a Max Ammo is got when you have already hit the Mystery Box and haven’t yet traded weapon, you must still trade the weapon as if you hadn’t got the max ammo. No Penalty applies here for trading the weapon.
      -     The Ballistic Knife is like the wild card weapon. You may trade and upgrade this weapon at any time you wish without having to use the ammo.

      -     NOTE: The WORST weapons on the map are considered to be the 2 weapons in the starting room (eg. Kar 98 & Gewer 43 in Der Riese or Olympia & M14 in Call of the Dead, etc...)
      -     A “Penalty” is when you immediately start to make your way to the 2 worst guns on the map and replace your current weapons with both of them immediately. You do not have to use up all of your ammo before buying these weapons in this case.
      -     Points Penalties occur at 3 different levels. The first is when you reach 10000 points you must Pack-A-Punch a current weapon. The weapon is chosen by your fellow teammates. If you already have 2 Pack-A-Punched weapons you must buy the worst weapon on the map and Pack-A-Punch that weapon instead. You do not have to use up all of you ammo before Pack-A-Punching this weapon in this case. (Only on Pack-A-Punch maps)
      -     If you reach 15000 before you have Pack-A-Punched one of your weapons, you must buy the worst weapon on the maps and Pack-A-Punch this weapon instead of a current weapon. You do not have to use up your ammo to trade for this weapon or to Pack-A-Punch it in this case. (Only on Pack-A-Punch maps)
      -     On maps with no Pack-A-Punch, if you reach 15000 points you get a “Penalty” as listed above but must keep using and buying ammo for these 2 weapons until you have less than 10000 points.
      -     If you reach 20000 points before Pack-A-Punching the worst weapon you must buy both of the worst weapons off the wall and Pack-A-Punch both of them. You must then also buy ammo for these guns off the wall until you have less than 10000 points. You do not have to use up your ammo to trade for these weapon or to Pack-A-Punch it in this case. (Only on Pack-A-Punch maps)


      -     The winner of the game is decided once the game is over. The winner is decided based on Most Points, Most Kills, Most Revives, Least Downs & Most Headshots. The person with the most of all of these is the winner of the game.

      Me and my friends created this game mode from scratch, as it started out as only buying weapons when you run out of ammo. We have found this to be an extremely fun game type to play but must be played with honesty and strict adherence to the rules. This is also best played on Der Riese we have found but can quite as easily be played on other maps.

      Special Thanks – Browny013 & kj52uber as they helped develop and refine this game type.

      If you have any questions in regard to this please ask