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    IE9 Javascript ERROR

      Hi,   after reading a few posts here about the linking not working in Theater and people getting a "javascript error" and checking this out with a little google-research it seems the error requires a coding update on the website/webpage.

      a quick seach on google revealed a few posts.

      http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/iewebdevelopment/thread/be5a8531-cb7 0-444b-9a38-69eb07fbe7f3

      The programmer fixed the problem, here is what he did:

      Essentially, I changed this:

        if (!document.getElementById('xyz')) { xyz = My_Function(); }

      ...to this:

        if (!document.getElementById('xyz')) { xyz_object = My_Function(); }

      ...and I changed all other instances of xyz to xyz_object.

      Apparently IE doesn't like it if you have JavaScript variables with the same name as a document element. I suspect IE's behavior is broken and non-standard in this respect,