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    Kills - Killed By Counter

      Ok, 9 mos later and its a small bug, and few people pay attention to it, and I'd like to know how many times I
      Kill a person and who I'm killed by.

      So the bottom right corner of the "after action" report has "Kills and Killed by" Counter.

      Well, I thought something wasnt right, and last night I confirmed it.

      as I started a match ( put ghost - non-pro on ) and hid in a corner Annialation Dom on Silo, top of the map.

      I came back and saw a kill came of a headshot on me..

      a little later in the game I found the guy running an RC-XD.. saw the name, PAY BACK!!!
      Head Shot.

      My Nemisis was that guy, said Kills   0  --  Killed by 4 times,

      I was like WTF ?? I KNOW I killed him at least once if not 2-3 times.  and it said 0.

      and It says 0 alot, and he Finished the game, the HOST never left.

      Ok.. bug.. NP..   damn.  Oh well.
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          Re: Kills - Killed By Counter
          yea, and some times i killed my nemesis 0 times and he killed me 0 times... Maybe the game thinks we had like a stare down mid game, and started a blood rivalry. cus this town aint big enough for the two of us....
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