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    TheNERDclan is Recruiting!

      Hello all Call of Duty players!
      TheNERDclan is currently recruiting! We have a YouTube channel, to post your great gameplays and awesome montages, and a devoted base of players. We play Black Ops, Mw2, WaW and MW. To join, you must either have a 2.0K/D OR beat a Clan Leader in a 1v1. This is only to test your skills. If you dont meet the requirements, you may persuade us to accept you by showing us gameplays, or cool moments. Age limit would preferably be from 14+. For more info, contact me (Russ) on YouTube @ TheNERDCLAN1 OR here @ commandoman.
      Have a great day, and if you would like to, Subscribe to TheNERDCLAN1 and don't forget to PM me about our clan!
      Thanks for reading!