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        10. Re: Express; DLC Moshpit; Hardcore DLC Moshpit
        I could go for a Hazard 24/7......

        and as a hardcore player I could definitely go for a hazard dlc lobby.

        as for the no ghost/second chance.  I don't like second chance, but I do run it in 2 classes (never bothered getting it til 15th prestige).
        It is kind of a PITA to flop my classes around when I'm playing flags or bombs.
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          11. Re: Express; DLC Moshpit; Hardcore DLC Moshpit
          Ahhh yes, it's so easy being green...

          Firing Range Express sounds awesome!!!

          Firing Range Dom 24/7 sounds even better.

          You evil genius Vahn!
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            12. Re: Express; DLC Moshpit; Hardcore DLC Moshpit
            Hey Vahn,

            Any chance of giving back CTF and HQ there own slot in Hardcore?  I know many people were upset when this was changed. I know personally I have about 40 people who i met while playing BO on my friends list who don't even play the game anymore.  We can no longer get a game in a decent amount of time. (if one party votes CTF the HQ players back out of lobby and vice versa)   

            I know my circle of 40 friends is small compared to the entire BO community but have you seen the playlist numbers for the flags and bomb lobbies?  Last time I checked flags had 9k daily.  Before the change CTF had 12k daily on its own and HQ had 10k daily on its own.  We appreciate the attempt to add more HC game types but we did not want them at the expense of virtually removing the game types we played the most.

            I know many of us refused to buy the third map pack because of this.  Not to mention the HQ and CTF games we do get, the map cycles are pretty bad and you will most likely get the same 5 maps to play on if you to to stick with HQ or CTF only.

            In conclusion we feel betrayed with these flag and bombs playlist.  As consumers we  feel that we can no longer trust that the Treyarch game we buy at launch will be the same game six months later.  Second Chance is something else that comes to mind.  I understand how some may view its "overpowered" but why punish those who overcame this obstacle?  Why punish those who learned to work as a team and revive each other?   I would like to have seen a second chance nerf rather than removal.  No invulnerabilty, or you can't pull out the gun until after the invulnerable period, nerf pistol damage, and remove aim aissit in second chance.  But do not remove the only medic function from the game.  It makes the game less strategic and people will rely less on teamwork. Even if we could not fire, I do not like that the only medic function was taken out of  hard core.

            Sorry for the long repsonse but I have to speak up for my clan and the community that I USED to game with on BO everyday.
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              13. Re: Express; DLC Moshpit; Hardcore DLC Moshpit

              30 second lobby timer; no game mode that has a respawn timer; small maps; No Ghost; No Second Chance allowed.

              Using the above basics, please confirm the fastest playing game modes and map combinations.

              Please express as such to make it easy for me to follow you:

              Nuketown; Dem
              Nuketown; TDM
              Firing Range; Sab

              Regarding which maps should be in the Express playlist, would the following maps (apart from the already mentioned) be in the playlist:


              (If the community consider these small maps)

              IMO, most of the maps I have mentioned are fast paced for any game mode.
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                14. Re: Express; DLC Moshpit; Hardcore DLC Moshpit
                High profile thread means no shenanigans.

                CTF + Stadium = All day, every day.
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                  15. Re: Express; DLC Moshpit; Hardcore DLC Moshpit
                  Oh, and I believe MHCGM is willing help you out if that is necessary;)

                  Your word is our command:P
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                    16. Re: Express; DLC Moshpit; Hardcore DLC Moshpit
                    Hello Vahn,
                    Nice to see you continue to keep things fresh. Here are some of my recommendations.

                    Nuketown:                       Demo, Sabo, CTF
                    Summit:                       CTF, Dom, Demo, S&D
                    Firing Range:     CTF, Dom, Demo, S&D
                    Grid:          CTF, Dom, Demo, S&D
                    WMD          CTF, Dom

                    DLC HC Moshpit:
                    Stadium:                      CTF, Demo, Sabo, S&D, Dom
                    Drive In:                      CTF, Demo, Dom
                    Hazard:          CTF, Demo, Dom
                    Hangar 18:     CTF, Demo, Dom, S&D
                    Hotel:          S&D, Demo, Dom
                    Silo:          CTF, Demo, Dom, S&D

                    I agree with the “No Ghost and No 2nd chance”
                    I have a couple of questions as well.
                    1)     Which playlist or modes will be replaced in HC to accommodate room for the new list?
                    2)     By definition of express, will any round timers be shortened?
                    3)     Do you need any sort of testing?
                    4)     What are some of the hurdles we need to overcome before implementation?

                    Thanks Again,
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                      17. Re: Express; DLC Moshpit; Hardcore DLC Moshpit
                      Hardcore Headquarters- Berlin Wall, Stockpile, Hazard
                      Hardcore Search and Destroy- Stadium, Zoo, Hanger 18, Silo
                      Hardcore CTF- Kowloon, Convoy, Drive In
                      Hardcore Domination- Discovery, Zoo, Hazard
                      Last Edited: Aug 9, 2011 6:10 PM
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                        18. Re: Express; DLC Moshpit; Hardcore DLC Moshpit
                        No Ghost No SC will make ALL game modes on ALL maps faster. No need to pick and choose.

                        I would disable use of the CG. If a guy gets ahold of a CG without a Ghost Pro to take him down, the forums will be full of "I hate this playlist" threads. That's the only thing that will be OP in my opinion.

                        Also, you will have to change the CP so that it does not roll a CG.
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                          19. Re: Express; DLC Moshpit; Hardcore DLC Moshpit
                          Whoa! These things are being implemented?

                          Express! No Ghost? No Second chance? Am I dead? Is this Heaven? 
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