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    Who was the PS3 Development Team?

      I would like to know who exactly is responsible for the PS3 version of the game.  I have heard that Raven was in charge of porting the game to PS3 but if anyone recalls, Treyarch publicly stated that the PS3 wasnt a Port and that they had HIGHLY skilled developers working on our version.  There is no reason other than total and complete incompetence to have a game that 9 months later is still broken.  I could care less about weapons and whether they are overpowered or not, but I want the basic features of a video game to work properly.  I have played COD since the game came out in 2003 and here are my opinions.

      What I am speaking about is as follows:

      1.  I want to start a party, play a few games, and be able to back out of a lobby as a group. I do not want to have to restart the party every time due to the game glitching and putting other people's clan tags on someone else, or for the chat icons to be scrambled. For a game that is supposed to be played and enjoyed with others, Treyarch you sure do not make that easy.

      2.  How can a developer put a game out that completely slows down our entire system?   What I am talking about is at times this game causes the PS XMB to run slow as hell. The menus lag, and even when you try to look at someones stats in a pre game lobby, it says fetching stats forever.  This game is the worst in the series by far for the PS3, a complete and utter embarrassment to the COD series once again.  It seems as though like clockwork that Black Ops slows down to a snails pace at 3am central every night.  This isnt my internet as everyone that is online at that time is experiencing it, as well all complain about it in the lobbies.  Again, just embarrassing.

      3.  Hosting-  Hosting on this game is detrimental to doing well.  If a software developer is dependant on  gamers to have a great connection in order to run their shoddy game, they should not turn around and cripple that user by causing their gameplay to have lesser framerate, increased latency, and have the lag compensation place them at a discernible disadvantage.  I have a 65/15Mbps connection that is averaging 5ms ping to a server 50 miles away.  When I am host, I am behind everyone else in the room in terms of seeing an opponent and actually having my bullets register.  If I do see an opponent first, my first 3-4 bullets do not register.  This makes using a M16/G11 useless due to the fact my first 2 bursts are non existant even when placed mid chest on a still enemy.  This game has the absolute worst netcoding in the history of the series.

      4.  Overall Framerate-  This speaks for itself so I will keep it short.  I think the only one that still believes this game is 60FPS is Ray Charles and Treyarch.

      5.  Hit registration-  This says it all in itself as well.  This game has the worst bullet registration I have ever seen.  You can be firing on someone a footstep away and your first few bullets can go right through them.  Another example yesterday playing SnD.  There was one guy alive on Stadium.  He was up on the building laying down overlooking Bomb A.  He had on flak jacket.  So I throw my grenade, got a hitmarker, and he absorbed the blast.  My teammate threw a semtex 1 second after me, and that killed the player due to my blast weakening his health.   Guess what, no assist given at all.

      Conclusion:   The thought process behind this game should of made this the best COD to date.  With all the issues present, it barely gets by with mediocrity.   Who is to blame?  I dont know who, but it boils down to imcompetence.  Whoever created the netcode, needs to find another line of work.
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