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    Question about stats / combat record / booster ?

      I saw a gamer that had 75 games ONLY in his history. They went back about a month. He has about 7 games in his past week that are able to be seen. All the rest are at least a week old.

      He is level 15 / 50 and he has about 2000 wins and 200 loses.

      He has played for about 18 days. He has a KD ratio of 2.2.

      He has 5 stars where his emblem would be and he is labeled Commander.

      He has a 15 percent accuracy And a 45 longest killstreak.

      WHY does he only have 75 games in his history (not 100) ? If he was reset WHY is he 15/50 ?

      Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture ?

      BTW he has a few spawn trapping files in his fileshare from "deleted" demo maps from as far back as February. Smart of him to store the evidence where it cant be found

      I saw one of his boosting games, definitely killing directly from the spawn.

      So do you think the stats look odd because he got reset a few times  ?