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    EffecT Clan Recruitment!

      This thread is dedicated to all who i looking for a PS3 Zombies/ Multiplayer clan! We at EffecT are team players who love to objective play. We do not care about your K/D, as long as you can hold your own and play the objective. We are a brand new clan aswell, so you may have a chance to rank up in the ranks within our clan. I will post more shortly. If you would like to talk to someone over PSN, Add TehRussBus and I will add you as soon as I can! Now, about zombies. Markmark119 is an EXPERT on zombies... he can get to round 50+ each time he plays. I on the otherhand (TehRussBus) can get to about 30+. WE NOW HAVE A YOUTUBE! it is called TeeeRuss. Once we get some members, we will make a clan youtube.