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    Game lags uncontrollably @ 3am Central nightly

      Hi, I was wondering if anyone else noticed this or can try it out.   I have noticed and so have everyone else I have played with, that they game turns to absolute crap EVERY night at 3am central time.  The lobbies to kick people, it takes 2 min to click on something and have the next screen pop up, when you get into a game, your mic doesnt show up immediately, takes 15-20 seconds to appear, you cannot look at anyone's combat record, and you are lucky to get into a game.

        Also when you click on the PS button, it feels as though the game freezes and you cannot check your mail.  This lasts for about 15-30 min where the game is slowed to a snail's pace and I wonder why, other than the fact this game is garbage.   Once again, this happens every night for as long as I can remember, I just never commented about it before.  Let me know your experiences.