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      the first think i want to say is that im italian so what i write can be correct.

      from when ive started play cod black ops(in november 2010) ive encountered man y many problems. one in particular but i dont now if it is my connection(il change it)
      or if a cod problem(probably stop play cod black ops).
      now i will write the problems:
      1)often happen that player  walk on my claymor, the claymor or explode with some second late and the player dont die or the claymor DONT EXPLODE!

      3)THE MORE IMPORTANTthis could be very long to write
      i can start saying that all i do come to my opponents(enemies and allies(so all players)) few second late(i think 2 or 3 seconds). now ill explain better telling what it involve.
      the easiest example is this(it what happens reaaly):
      there are 3 points A,B,C.
      im on point A. my opponents is on point B. i move from A to C. now i am being killed(im killed in poiint C). if i see the view of death i see that im being killed in point A!!
      i dont want to see is my oponent is guilty. the contrary.
      it happens always! so this testifies that my opponents see me with 2-3 seconds late or with other words that what i do comes to other players with 2-3seconds late.
      other BIG problem.
      the BIGGEST
      from this follow this:
      i need  very much bullets to kill enemis. 10-15 with AK-47 or around 20 with FAMAS.
      but, how ive already said my opponents isnt guilty.
      in fact if i have shoted 15 bullets, in the view of death i see that ive shooted only 6-7 bullets

      yesterday i was playing in nuketown. i saw a player. i didnt see. ive done 7 HEADSHOT with SPAS-12!

      now i think ive said all
      now i want answer from suppor for WHY THESE THINGS HAPPEN and HOW CAN I CORRECT THESE PROBLEMS

      i dont want answer like all "its problems of yours connection" or "its ur game" or others.
      the support is not interested to me and my problems, cuz its only problem of 1 on milions. but if the problems would be of thousands??
      but i think i  will stop playing. this ******* treyarc.
      its a fortune that will be release mw3 from infinityward.
      i hope that the problem will be fixed.