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    I need a little help

      Hey there i have been trying  to meet my goal which is to get to round 40+ on all the zombie maps however on some maps i have proved a bit more of a challenge for my self.
      Kino: make it to round 40+ with 2 or more people
      completed: yes

      Five: make it to round 40+ with 3 or more people
      completed: no

      Ascention: make it round 40+  with 2 or more people while i only use gersh's the sickle ballistic knife ray gun and turrets.
      completed: yes

      Call of the Dead: make it round 40+ with 2 or more people camping by the power till round 25 then circle in the spawn while only using the m16 PaP and M&S.
      completed: no

      Shangri-La: make it round 40+ with 4 people

      I was making progress but my brother deleted a bunch of people and now all i have left are crappy zombie players. So please i would really appreciate it if you left your psn if your willing to help me but please leave your rounds so i now your not wasting my time. and for those of you how may think i suck or am a squeaker then add me and I will show you i am not. Also i am going to be trying to hit 40+ on the other maps i just haven't thought of anything i am going to add to it.