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    GRaS Thread Obituary

      EviL (I'm not sure which one) wrote:


      the last one had run for 7 pages which was very odd for they have gone longer and longer each time.

      number 3 had run for 5 pages

      number 2 for 4 pages

      number 1 for 3 pages

      now we shall see how long this will go...

      It would take almost 3 years for EviL to find out just how long his thread would go. Before getting axed, it achieved approximately 3,000 posts. Truly a work of art. So what do we do now?

      We wait.

      For when EviL steals back his computer from the Mexican Government, he will be sure to make the 5th installment of the thread we know and love. So hang on to your moments until then!

      P.S. - The Failure Thread was also killed. But no one should be surprised about that. After all, it did fail pretty hard.

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