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    Best class?

      Best class?
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          Evil Passe
          For me my best class or try hard class would be AUG with Dual Mags, FJ Pro, Sleight of Hand Pro, Tac Mask pro and my secondary can be anything.  This class is beast for Nuketown.  I could sit over by that jeep after it is blown up for the whole game or alteast until I run out of ammo haha.  They try to hit me with nades nothing works and they try to flash me and I can still see
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            XxK1LLA POLLOxX
            CZ75-Full Auto
            Ghost Pro
            SOH Pro
            Marathon Pro
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              It depends on like 100 different things. What game types do you play? Are you running solo? Are you a cautious player? Camper? Run 'n gunner?
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                m16 reddot
                hardline pro
                sleight pro
                hacker pro
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                  Mine is probably AK47 W/Dual mags, red camo.

                  Python speed reloader, frag, concussion, motion senser.

                  Ghost pro, sleight of hand pro, hacker pro.

                  If you want high killstreaks fast probably use exactly this one, only remove Dual Mags and put in supressor.



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                    Famas the double mags thing for the ammo

                    Stinger because crap people on your team will probably mean a chopper will get called in



                    Hard line if your not playing *******

                    Hacker again just to stop the babies with there monitors seeing you


                    Kill streaks counter spy plane blackbird chopper gunner


                    Counter spy plane I earn 1 then keep it in reserve I make it so I always have 1 so I can block out blackbirds I use this one near the end of the game if no blackbird appears.


                    I used to run blackbird chopper dogs but I love blocking out blackbirds I don't hear many choppers coming in when I block the blackbird