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    shangri-la ps3

      anybody up for it round 40+
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          i just wanna know how... what do you do at rounds 40+?

          run around the map like a chicken with yer head cut off???

          or is there any decent strategy??
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            simple i just run in a small circle in the spawn once not there's hardly any spawning i lead them in a circle around the whole spawn and tap L1(dead shot) and R1 and buy ammo as need for my PaP m14, while my team mate dos well what ever is that they do. Or if are hoarding in the ak room you just use phd flopper( i played one game were after round 15 all i did was phd flopper and i only shot to revive team mates i got to round 30 with 4 people doing that and i only had 3 downs) or P1 hoards up by the mine cart P2 by the mpl once it is max spawn combined the hoards and one shot of a shrink ray and there all dead.