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    Kino Answered?

      Many people have wondered about the screaming you hear when you turn on the power in Kino and how it sounds like there's a monster on the roof.  Well I think I just solved it.  Check this out.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7b6EkTNOPA&feature=feedu 

      44 second mark
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          Re: Kino Answered?
          No, notice how the "screaming" lasts a little longer than his mouth is open, and that it is slowed down.  Remember the Shangri-La trailer, how the zombie chick screams the part of the song?  Well they obviously just timed that so it looked like she was.  Same idea here.  I believe it's just a sign/warning that some kind of new monster is coming, because this IS the first map that the NOVA crawlers were introduced.

          Just my opinions but I doubt one crawler is going to make that loud of a scream.
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