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    Reaper OP?

      So after watcing the whole 4 hours of gameplay... I saw a lot of Reaper gameplay.  It does not seem at all balanced.  I dont understand this logic: 5 kills = 1 predator missile.  9 kills = 14 predator missiles?  Why on earth is it 14 predator missiles, 14 free kills because you got a 9 killstreak with the help of your other stacking killstreaks?


      My initial thinking was: okay, maybe it will be really easy to shoot down fast.  But it clearly has flares just like the AC-130.   I dont think I've ever hit 14 kills with a single AC-130 in MW2, usually I can't even get 14 with a Chopper Gunner.  But the reaper requires 3 less kills than the AC-130?  The 2 other 9 killstreaks that the Reaper competes with (the Strafe Run and the AH-6 Overwatch) don't get nearly as many kills as this Reaper.  The Reaper easily racks up kills than the Talcon mini-take assault drone, which is a 10 killstreak.


      Why would anyone ever use an AH-6 Overwatch, Strafe Run, Assault Drone, or even AC-130 or Pavelow when you can get this automatic win Reaper at 9 kills? 


      If you can find some segments of the Reaper from that 4 hour livestream just go watch the Killfeed, or watch the killcams of it or the very last clip right at the end of the Stream where the player calls it in and automatically wins the game just because of it.  This thing gets more kills than an AC-130 and requires 3 less kills.  That is not balance.  I don't really care since I'll be playing Barebones anyways but that is just stupid.

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