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    Quickscoping... Just give it a few months....

      ...and after a few months there will be a revolt.  I promise you this.  I played MW3 already and tested out quickscoping - it's honestly 5x easier to kill someone while quickscoping than it is with a regular gun.


      MW2 quickscoping was pretty hated.  MW3 quickscoping is even easier and even more powerful due to a number of things. The first is the "Stability" proficiency that takes away idle sway on snipers.  The second is all snipers (or at least Barrett + bolt actions) are a 1 hit kill to ANY spot on the body.  You literally die from 1 shot to the foot.  The third is auto-aim assist has been INCREASED for the 3rd COD game in a row.  You literally only have to have a target anywhere between your hip-fire crosshairs and when you scope in, you snap on.  It's mindlessly easy.  Ask anyone who's played and they will confirm MW3 has the easiest sniping of any COD in franchise history.


      As far as my personal opinion I think Black Ops went a little too far with the nerf, but I think MW2 quickscoping was too easy.  COD4 had the most balanced quickscoping.  All they needed to do get rid of any perk that let you ADS faster and it would have been fine.  I know we are in the "honeymoon" phrase right now where MW3 can't possibly do anything wrong and the first person to criticize anything gets hung on a tree, but after a few months these forums will be flooded with begging to nerf QS once again.

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