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    OT Gift Exchange

      In an effort to see if the OT Community had any strength left, Picture created the OT Gift Exchange two months in advance. Last year we broke records with the amount of stupidity and tainted chocolates that comes hand-in-hand with the gift exchange. So let's see if we can carry on the tradition. Without further adieu, here is the list of partners. For anyone not sure how this works, the user you are assigned to will be the person you exchange presents with. No slack will be cut if you aren't happy with your partner.


      Daniel - Reaper

      Ficko - EviL

      Becon of Death - Snake Doc

      Firestorm - SoyBob

      Kam - Platinumb

      Crafty - Forrest Gump

      Weird Guy - Picture

      Major Rod - Bomb

      Jinx's Sister - Snubby

      N8-N - Hornswoggled

      GhostSquad - GhostHound

      Foxy - Matty

      GoNavy - Jedi

      Peter - Horrorman

      C4 - SoulCrusher

      DarkShadow - Krawl

      EviL - EviL

      EviL - EviL

      EviL - EviL

      EviL - EviL



      There's the list, folks. Get cracking.


      Anyways, my gift to Weird is a hammer, a sickle, and a can of red paint.


      Hopefully it will remind him of home.