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      I just took 2 screenshots, 1 in 1024x768 and one in 1920x1080.








      As you can clearly see the 1920x1080 is just a stretched version of the 1024x768 and is NOT true 1920x1080. i hope to god this is just a mistake that will be patched.


      This ladies and gentlemen is complete dog dirt.

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          I'm having the same issue, and my native resolution is 1680x1050, I've been trying to login to these forums for hours to make a topic about this but the login system has been down (only just came back up for me) and the Steam forums are offline.


          However, I have asked a fair few people in-game whether their having the same resolution problem as me and a lot of them are.


          I hope this gets patched soon (as in less then 24 hours ;), I hate the fuzzyness. :c

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              Re: BROKEN RESOLUTION

              indeed, it's laughable how yukky and fuzzy it looks, **** even mym um walked past and said "what you playing that old game for?" to which i replied "it just came out, its the sequal to mw2" she sniggered and walked off mumbling something about money and waste.

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              Re: BROKEN RESOLUTION

              I think you're mistaken. Look closer at the two images - specifically at objects in your scene that should appear perfectly round. The scope eye piece on the 1024x768 image appears oval, where the scope in the 1080p shot has the correct aspect and is displayed round.

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                Re: BROKEN RESOLUTION

                Maybe the Widescreen Fixer from MW2 can help again.




                Update :


                Just created a MW3 set.  Fixer plus the MW3 SP and MP add-on.


                Download .zip  : Modern Warfare 3 Widescreen fixer


                Let me know if this works.

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                  Re: BROKEN RESOLUTION

                  I fixed the low res apearence, turns out you have to set IMAGE QUALITY to NATIVE in ADVANCED options, and i'm checking that widescreen fixer out later, used on a singleplayer game i can't remember the name of and it worked llike a charm, should be ok for VAC as it reads memory address and not fiddle with the .exe.


                  I think out of all the posts i've read about Widescreen fixer 1-2 said they got banned or nkow someone that got banned, one was an obvious troll and the other simply would'nt back his claim up, chances are it's safe and won't trigger a ban but if your even in the slightest bit unsure then don't use it.

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                    Re: BROKEN RESOLUTION

                    The widescreen fixer works great.  I changed my 1920x1080 (1x 16:9) monitor to 2x 5:4.  If anyone's a decent Quake player this should work ok, if not it may take some getting used to.




                    The only bad thing is you have to run it every time you play...and there might be a chance of getting banned.

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