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    To Everyone Having Problems With Elite  Infomation you might want to read hint hint *updated 10th Nov 5pm uk 7:30am PST*

      If you are having trouble registering or logging into Elite either via computer or console here's a few helpful things to help you on your way.


      1) Elite is a brand new service, the system is struggling with the world and his wife trying to access it , its not a fault nor is it a major problem every new service goes through stuff like this, if you dont already I suggest you follow or just link to oneofswords on twitter, as he is keeping everyone upto date with whats going on with elite ...  http://www.twitter.com/oneofswords.  or even better http://www.callofduty.com/elite/status   but see point 3.



      A better status page is one of swords main blog now...   http://oneofswords.com/2011/11/cod-elite-launch-update-theyre-on-it/

      Mountian Dew have also stated this ...  https://www.facebook.com/mountaindew/posts/10150398213431489



      Once they get the backend stuff all running upto speed the various problems you are facing will go away, theres no need to all rush onto elite to register for founder status you have till the 13th if you bought elite seperate, and alot longer if you have a hardened edition. It isnt just Elite the dew xp site is crashing due to the weight of requests its having, its just one of those things not alot can be done about it.


      2) ******** about it isn't going to help anyone, yes you may be stressed but, chill winston (bonus point for film reference) play mw3 , rub your earlobes and go whooo sahhh


      3) Please stop bugging Activsion customer service about it via phone and livehelp, you are much better off as i suggested following one of swords or checking back on the forums for updates, and leaving the csr's to help people with actual problems as today and rest of week is probably one of their busiest times. I'm only saying this as i have seen alot of people posting how they have been on hold with livehelp for x amount of time waiting to ask a question livehelp wont be able to answer past ..just be patient.



      *fox friendly disclaimer i am not associated with elite nor actvi , just seeing alot of people stressing and whining over something that isnt an issue if they checked up themselves.