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    How To Enable Dedicated Server Browser And Join/Create A Class - All Weapons Without Ranked Matchmaking

      The Dedicated Server Option is hidden from players on purpose. It's in the multiplayer options menu.


      Joining a Dedicated Server

      1.     To join a dedicated server you need to enable the server browser in the options menu.



      2.     Now SERVERS is available in the MULTIPLAYER menu.

      Select: SERVERS


      3.     Find the server you’d like to join and hit Connect




      How To Create Class With ALL UNLOCKS Available



      1. Go to the Private Match option in the MULTIPLAYER menu


      2. Select Create Class


      3. Create up to 5 classes with anything of your choosing.


      4. Join servers.


      Note: Not all servers will have the custom class ability enabled on their servers. However, most of them will. Just remember to favorite servers you want to play at again once you find them.