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    Looking for a objective based game clan

      I am sick and tierd of Lossing games because the ransoms I play with are only worried a out there KDR. I am a team player open to suggestions. I would like to play mosly DOM but am willing to play any other object game mode.

      PSN: jayson1195

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          Re: Looking for a objective based game clan

          Hi mate we are a good objective based clan, very good! we hardly lose a game of domination. we are called Shadow Warriors >SW< but have a few rules: must own a mic - to promote good team work, be from the UK - due to messing around with different time zones and must be over 18 - because of maturity. If you comply with these then add me on psn super_si84

          We also have a website if you want to check it out?


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            Re: Looking for a objective based game clan



            Modern Warfare 3 Competition




            My name's Caltson and I'm the Co-leader of the White Shadows Clan and Leader of it's PS3 division. We offer our Clan Members a social clan-environment where friendship and competition are our central focus.
            In addition to our current members we are looking for more people capable enough to be granted a position in our clan.

            We are looking specifically for a person with a similar profile:

            1. You are in possession of a PSN-ID and has a legal copy of Call of Duty Black Ops and/or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on the Playstation 3 system.
            2. You understand the english language and you are able to communicate perfectly; on voicechat and in writing.
            3. You are a teamplayer, motivated, loyal and interested in our events and meetings. You're also able to handle critique, which is only given to improve yourselves.



            Do you reconize yourself in the described profile and do you wish to be part of an extra dimension to your gaming experience? Maybe you're the person we may be looking for!

            By joining our Clan's Modern Warfare 3 Competition squad, you'll be also having the "Clan XP Boost" from the Hardened Edition, that may be an extra motivation to check us out!

            Visit our website; www.wshadows.com

            Hoperfully we see you appear very shortly with us!

            White Shadows PS3 Division Leader


            The White Shadows Clan
            Founded by [WS]Hyper in 2007


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