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    how do you make a clan on elite?

      i would like to know how to make my clan on call of duty elite. it keeps telling me go to callofduty.com to make my clan but here is nothin to click on to make one or invite friends to it or n e thing. i have mine set up on gamebattles already but want it on elite too. also dont reply sayin joni yours cause we are the best. i wanta real answer not n e thing about tags and all that crap. where is the start a clan link at?

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          It would appear that the feature is not currently up and running. When you are on the main page of elite the "connect" section is marked as coming soon and that where clan creation and information will be. When this feature will be available is up in the air, but i heard something about the 13th. Good luck with your clan!

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              I have a problem too. Basically there's this box that's titled "CREATE A NEW CLAN". I type in the name I want it to be and click that arrow pointing to the right but all wat happens is that it does this rotating loading thingy, stops and nothing happens. I checked then if the clan I created exists and it doesn't. Can some1 explain to me wat is happening if not why it's happening?