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    MW3 review

      Hello everyone this is our review of MW3. We've been playing non stop for the last two days and hoenstly I find something I like and something that aggrivates me every few hours. Let me know your thoughts and enjoy the video. (PS- if there is any videos you would like to see from MW3 feel free to leave a comment here or on our channel and we'll try our best to help you out.)


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          I'm going to be completly honest with you, so you can improve what you enjoy doing.  I had to stop listening after 20 seconds because I know where this is going. 


          1) This isn't the highest selling video game ever as you proclaimed.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_video_games


          2) Misunderstood this part, nm.



          Its great that you do video reviews.  I count on user reviews more than big website reviews.  However in the future, while doing a review, you have to be more objective. 

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              MW3 has shattered the entertainment lunch records not only for video games but for any form of digital media (movies, games, etc..) While yes it isn't the highest selling game of all time yet because it launched 3 nights ago it already has moved into second place for xbox 360 and 4th place among all consoles check official websites not wiki ( I can go into wiki and say that MW3 sold 1 billion copies if I felt like it) My point is that in a year this game will make most game sale records look like spare change. super mario games have been around for almost 2 decades and wii sports came free with every wii. If a copy of MW3 came with every xbox it would be stupid to count it in any kind of competition. I understand you think I was being objective and part of me was ( I'm a COD fan ) but everything I said was my honest opinion. Every review out there is pretty much saying the same things. There's a reason over 6.5 million copies were sold at release. thanks for leaving a comment though I appreciate someone having an opinion.

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              FAD Kills everything haha