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    **The Official MW3 Multiplayer Feedback/Suggestion Thread**

      Hello everyone. I know that we all are experiencing things differently or similar. Also we have those who just want to be negative and attempt to hijack threads, or do so. We, of those that want to get the game going in a better direction. With the help of the Specialists of course. Need a coherent, intelligent, thread to discuss these matters.


      My intention with this thread is to give us this chance. Please be respectful to each other. Please no knit picking about the past games, as in Grenade Launchers, OMA, DC these things are no longer a issue since Black Ops. Or things you want to see gone because you dont like to use them.


      Also, I will ask the Moderators to watch this thread and to deal with those whom seem to not understand this threads purpose.


      We have a report function now, and believe me. This one guy on here knows how to hit the head on the nail.


      Please NO FLAMING, RUDENESS, ARGUING or anything of the like.


      Peace to all Gamers, no matter the Console.

      WE are all Family.


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          1. Re: **The Official Feedback/Suggestion Thread**

          Re-spawning needs a serious look at, it really does.


          Why respawn me in front of an enemy player? he will happily shoot me, take the points/kill confirmed and wait for his next victim.


          I'm not talking about being respawned in front of an enemy who's running, that can't be helped, but in front of someone who is sitting/standing in a corner somewhere waiting for an opposing player to go by? surely that can be fixed


          Why can't it be made so that we have an option on re-spawn, say like: "SPAWN ON TEAM MATE" ---"SPAWN AT A - B - C - ???", A B C ??? , would be shown on the mini map, enabling players to choose a safe spot to spawn. just my thoughts, and those of my friends, who, like me have been re-spawned in front of an enemy player.


          Thanks for reading this

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            2. Re: **The Official Feedback/Suggestion Thread**

            I think there was some message that went out that they were adjusting the spawns this go around because of people whining about spawn trapping, spawn killing etc. Though the way it is now is way worse. Yes you might have died in a gunfight, acceptable. Respawn. Run out. Dead by a guy you just spawned in front of. I MEAN RIGHT IN FRONT OF. Also some of the start off points in Domination are ridiculous.


            I noticed on Fallen, you start off right behind B. A and C are on the opposite side of map nearer the enemies side.??? They do need to fix the spawns.

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              3. Re: **The Official Feedback/Suggestion Thread**

              COD multiplayer needs a  "Mute all" option or better yet "Auto Mute". Nothing would make me happier then not needing to spend the first minutes of every match muting each and every person that has their microphone activated so I can concentrate on having fun.. Currently I have to resort to turning on my headset then promptly putting it on mute and under a pillow... Please Activision, I can't be the only one thinking this would be nice.. Thank you.

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                4. Re: **The Official Feedback/Suggestion Thread**

                Agreed. Sometimes the constant chattering about nothing, music and things of that nature are over bearing.

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                  5. Re: **The Official Feedback/Suggestion Thread**

                  Some more options with scopes would be nice... entirely different game but homefront gives 4 different options for red dot, holographic and iron sites per... mw3 holographic is badass, it would be great to see 3 more badass holo's... red dot site is a little cheesy


                  To be able to upload custom camouflage for our guns would be cool


                  Would also be nice if we were able to see our player model when selecting classes


                  bots... give us the ability to set up private games with bots and not have to be connected online to do so.


                  For the game to be expandable and add more guns down the road... i miss the TAR-21

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                    6. Re: **The Official Feedback/Suggestion Thread**

                    Yeah Im having problems with seeing people and when I do see them Im dead.


                    When I also shoot my gun I get alot of hitmarkers? I never had this problem in Mw2. It just seems like my aim and reactions is not good enough in this game. I hope  I am not the only one.



                    With that said they said they was going to eliminate power points and they did just that..So the maps are really wierd and it will grow on us after the lag(whatever this is) get fixed.



                    Best COD game to date from what I can see. Its not the game mechanics its the servers as for they did a good job on balance(adding recoil, perk change up,etc)


                    People have been crying about the perks. Saying that they suck but I think they hate the fact that Ghost and Slight of Hand has been broke down into multiple pieces.

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                      7. Re: **The Official Feedback/Suggestion Thread**

                      How about adding objective stats on the scoreboard...not every game is TDM.  I want to see how many dog tags i pick up and deny, home many captures i get...etc.  Its not all about Kills, Assists, and Deaths. What a major step backwards. 

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                        8. Re: **The Official Feedback/Suggestion Thread**

                        I hit the multiplayer arena the night it was released and felt cheated by the lag issues but played last night and it was just brilliant even when I didn't do so well I could tell it was down to poor choice of tactics, poor aim or getting excited/annoid and rushing far too much. It played just like it should and I can't wait to get home from work tonight and get back on. This is a formula a franchise just like the other majors McDonalds, Starbucks, Subway etc you know what your gonna get when you go to one of these joints. If they changed too much it wouldn't be the same experience, it's evolving, Elite if utilised properly will bring the gaming society (that is exactly what we are) together more than ever before and that human element is what makes multiplayer gaming so addictive and fun. So a bit of patience and thought put into playing and you will be rewarded. I am grateful for what we have now it used to be two rectangular lines and a square ball for gods sake, look how far we have come and just appreciate the time, skill and effort that has been put into this series. It will never be perfect but for one minute just sit back and truly think about what we can now enjoy compared to ten twenty years ago.

                           Cheers and see y'all in the ring.

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                          9. Re: **The Official Feedback/Suggestion Thread**

                          I find that talking in the lobby and in game, sounds distorted and low. I do have turtle beaches and it seems you can hear people better in black ops. I don't know if this can be fixed but I bigger problem that I think is reasonable to change in an update; is to allow us to have more volume settings. Example instead of one main game volume, have master, effects, music, and game chat. I know alot of people that would love to turn down the lobby music and game music without turning it backup to hear gun fire and footsteps.

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