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    Mw3 Wii Glitch/Bug Report MEGATHREAD *UPDATED* Jan 31, 2012 .

      Its that time now, might as well keep track of all the glitches in one thread. I had a successful megathread like this for the Black Ops forum, lets start another one.




      To add to this list, post a reply to this topic on bugs and glitches that you have found and would like to be fixed, once you reply reporting a glitch/bug I will add it to the list below. Please be as detailed and clear as possible on your description of the glitch/bug. If you could add any additional information on what might cause the glitch/bug to happen please do, and if you have additional information to add to the list on what might cause the glitch please reply stating what glitch/bug and how you predict it is caused. Thanks.




      Glitches/Bugs followed by a description:



      - Random deaths and teleporting bullets: Players will randomly get hurt or killed by a player from the other team. It can happen when you spawn or any time during the match. Bullets seem to teleport around the map as there might be a gunfight across the map and you and your teammates all die randomly by the same person, even when your in totally different areas of the map.


      - Chickens taking meth: On the map Seatown, the chickens are invincible to bullets, but can die from explosions. This is distracting as players try to kill the chickens by shooting it, give away their location, and get killed by an opposing player.


      - Host frame rate(PATCHED?): When host your frame rate drops making it harder to play.


      - Pointstreak reward stacking: If you earn a pointstreak reward and earn another same pointstreak reward without using the first one. You will lose the first earned point streak reward. So far this had been reported only for carepackages and IMS.


      - Nobody had 4 bars: There are games where if you look at the scoreboard not one person has a four green bar connection, not even the host. I played a game where I was experiencing FPS lag so I checked the scoreboard and nobody had a 4 bar connection, I had 3 bars. I assumed I was not the host, so I left the game. The game ended with the message "Host Ended Game".


      - Disappearing objects: When playing multiplayer, parts of the map may disappear and be invisible. Usually buildings become invisible, but there are some reports of the ground being invisible.


      - IMS exploit: On the map Village, there is a place where if you put down an IMS it cannot be destroyed.


      - Friendly Grenades: If you're close to a temmate's grenade, you are given the option to throw it back. This should only happen with enemy grenades, not friendly.


      - Killstreak Hit detection: Since the patch, players have reported that killstreaks have bad hit detection and rarely get kills. This includes air support and things like remote sentry.


      - CCP Aim assist: There is no amount of Aim Assist when using the CCP. The difference between Aim Assist: ON/OFF on the CCP is non-existent.


      - MP9 Akimbo: When using Akimbo MP9s there is no sound when shooting the left side.


      - Spawns: You can spawn right by enemies or under your temmate's care package, making it easy to get killed.


      - "Game Lobby Closed": When in a lobby, you will be kicked with a message saying "Game Lobby Closed" even when it isn't closed.


      - "Could not migrate host": When in a lobby, you will be kicked with a message saying "Could not migrate host" even when the host actually did migrate.


      - Specialist perks: Some perks unlocked from specialist don't work as they should, such as Blind Eye.


      - Bakaara map exploit: Many people have reported exploits on this map, details won't be given as it could be taken as a tutorial on how to use the exploits.


      - No Recoil: Has something to do with scoped weapons. When aiming down the scope and switching weapons, your secondary may have reduced or no recoil when shooting.


      - Recent Players: Recent players list doesn't update with players.


      - Outpost exploits: Many people have reported exploits on this map, details won't be given as it could be taken as a tutorial on how to use the exploits.


      - Seatown exploits: Many people have reported exploits on this map, details won't be given as it could be taken as a tutorial on how to use the exploits.


      - Mission exploits: Many people have reported exploits on this map, details won't be given as it could be taken as a tutorial on how to use the exploits.


      - M.O.A.B. XP: After a M.O.A.B. is activated you are supposed to receive double XP for the rest of the game, but it doesn't.


      - Invincible Air Support: Sometimes when shooting down air support it will lock on and blow up but not destroy or damage the air support.


      - No spec ops achievement: When you reach round 15 on each map on spec ops you do not receive the title.


      - Rapid fire does not work: On guns with already high rates of fire, such as the pp90 or type95, the rapid fire is broken. Another gun where rapid fire doesn't work is the PM-9.


      - Sam Turret false information: When a SAM Turret dies out on its own it may say "The enemy destroyed your SAM turret!" when there was no enemy who actually destroyed it.















      Glitches/Bugs that are not described enough or are not reported by enough people:


      - Wiimote tracking


      - Voce chat makes lag when finding games


      - Possible map exploit on the map Hardhat, Bootleg, Downturn and Mission


      - Flag teleporting on team Defender


      - Following the party leader: If the host of a party leaves the game, the whole party will go with him without exception. Party members will also leave the game if the party leader's wii freezes or turns off.


      - Assault Drone getting stuck between player and wall


      - C4 randomly exploding on its own


      - Prestige token randomly disappearing.


      - MANY people claim that the game randomly breaks their mic, and it has also happened to me. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or something, so I'll just put it in this section.


      - Reloads not working properly in Survival mode.


      - Claymores/Bouncing Betties disappearing randomly.







      Miscellaneous things that are requested:


      - Private match options such as Juggernaut, Infection, Gun Game, and One in the Chamber etc.


      - The CCP sensitivity has changed to gradually get faster as if it is building momentum. This should be an option as it wasn't this way in Black Ops.


      - Increased turn speed sensitivity for the CCP. The CCP on 10 sensitivity on Wii is around 6 or 7 on the Ps3 and Xbox 360.


      - There is the option to turn voice chat on and Off during a game in Spec Ops, but not in Multiplayer games. This option should be added, as currently it is only an option when in the lobby.


      - Knife lunge for Wiimote and CCP


      - Bump up sniper damage, currently you can get hitmarkers shooting them dead on in the torso.


      - Number valuse for Controller sensitivities. There were numbers in Mwr and BO, but not in Mw3. This makes it harder to make your controls the same as previous games.


      - Killfeed team colors: In this game the team colors depend on what team you are on, It would be easier to differentiate if  the enemy team was always one color instead of changing depending on what team your on. If this isn't changed, it should be made an option.


      - Improved Lag Compensation


      - Make Heartbeat Sensors "beep" sound louder


      - Bump up shotgun damage as you can get hitmarkers shooting them dead on when they're right in front of you.


      - Improved lighting as there are parts of the map that are very dark.

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        Data corruption

        Hit detection

        Random death (magic bullet)

        Spawn damage/death

        Wiimote tracking

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