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    How do you create a clan

      How do i create a clan so i can use clan xp

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          Re: How do you create a clan

          Login to Call of Duty Elite.  Click on Connect.  You will see a tab at the top that says Clans and one that says Groups.  Click clans.  There should be a box that pops up that asks you to create a name.  Click the checkmark.  If you're a founder, it should ask you if you want to add your one time 500 xp bonus to this clan.  Choose yes or no.  Choose continue.  At the top of the connect section, you should now see three tabs:  Your clan name, Clans, and Groups.  To add members, find your friends (search for them or click on your friends under Elite Summary.  At the top near their names, you should see a box that says invite to clan.  They have to accept the clan invite under their Elite Summary.  That's it.  Hope that helps.

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            Re: How do you create a clan

            Team Excessive is looking for new players of all skill levels.


            We are going to be splitting the clan in two parts.

            Part 1: competitive- once the clan challenges start on elite, these are the ones that will go out an represent for our team.

            Part 2: casual- people that just want to have fun and have a team to play with, instead of getting  into a game with kids, you can have a team to play with.


            Right now we are in the process of making team t-shirts for the players that are going to be on the competitive side.


            If you are interested or have any questions you can add me, TOXIC SWERVE on Xbox live and I'll send you an invite.

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