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    Black Ops vs. Modern Warfare 3


      Hey Everyone,
      I'll try to cover both highlights from each game (and I won't be just irrationally cursing either game like some people) So please share your comments, feedback, rebutals, and what you think as well.
      Well, I was really excited about the new Call of Duty, so naturally I pre-ordered it and played it through the night, so heres what I have to say about the game thus far:


      Well to start on a positive side I really liked the idea of the new strike packages and gun experience. They both added some additional realism to the game and rewarded people for different play styles. I myself am more of a 'team' player (protect spawns, watch flanks etc.) so the support package is pretty helpful.


      The one thing I really miss from Black Ops was the COD points. They made designing classes and beefing up your guns a lot easier. Now it seems I need to play for ten hours at a time just to unlock the next gun, then in another 3 hours have half of the equipment unlocked I wanted for my gun. In short, I think COD points and the increased experience points per game in Black Ops, allowed players to play with the guns, perks and equipment they wanted, without to much muck'in around to get them.


      I also really liked the different perk 'classes' from Black Ops, with one perk that described your players role, ex. Ghost: sniper, infiltrator. Lightweight: runner etc.) which also effected the appearance of your character. And then two perks that described your additional equipment, skill or attributes; not any of this 'x2 Lethal Grenade' rubbish from the MW series.


      I hope I'm not alone on this, but I really enjoyed combat training and zombies. I think both of them were cool to play with friends, and the fact that you could run real multiplayer games with AI is a lot more fun than the new MW 'Practice Missions' (I  kind of liked the MW2 ones, especially becuase they brought missions from MW1)


      My last problem with MW3 are the generic dooms day/urban maps. I really get tired of playing maps that look the same as the first, like Resistance vs. Arkaden, Mission vs. Village, or Interstate and Downturn. I liked the maps from Black Ops, because they always varied in style, layout and appearance. Maybe the more elaborate and global scale of the story and the campaign lent a hand in the diversity of the maps.


      On a positive note, I really like the new weapons, and the old weapons that they brought back (especially the Barret 50cal, but I guess they would bring it back no matter what) I think the Assault Rifle selection could be a little more diverse, ex. In Black Ops there was a multitude of weapons with different stats, looks, manufacturers etc.


      Well there you have it, theres my little rant for the MW3. To sum it all up, I think Black Ops played and looked much simpler, cooler, and cleaner as well, and I think any criticism that it/Treyarch received, was unsupported and very, very short lived.




      (Gamertag: Austin KGB)


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          Re: Black Ops vs. Modern Warfare 3

          no no no no NONONONONO! COD Points were the WORST thing that ever happened to call of duty. You should have to EARN your attachments/camos not have them thrown to you! You could just use one gun you liked and never switch in Black ops, it was stupid.



          Black ops was an ABOMINATION to what is Call of Duty

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            Re: Black Ops vs. Modern Warfare 3

            Hey, just calm down everyone. I'm not saying MW3 sucks, and I'm not whing (compared to other posts on the forum ) I just think Black Ops was a lot more creative, and less of a cookie-cutter, first person shooter. There may have been glitches; glitches that I never encountered FYI. I'm not starting some critique, shouting contest, I'm just sticking up for gaming as it should be. Made by gamers, for gamers. If the COD series was all the same, (ie. MW2 - MW3) I would probably still be skeptical of the series and would have pre-ordered Halo Anniversary instead. I'm still a fan of MW3, and will still be playing it, but I'll never forget Black Ops.

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