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      Seeing as how every 15 minutes someone starts a thread about how they feel like they're a second behind what's actually happening in the game and they're being killed instantly while at the same time shooting marshmellows out of their own gun..... I just thought I'd start a thread that would consolidate a lot of the posts concerning excessive latency or lag compensation in MW3 multiplayer.


      This thread isn't meant to be a rant or to make demands from the developers. It's simply meant to provide a single list of community members who are experiencing the extremely frustrating symptoms associated with the over done Lag comp. It seems that if you have a better than average internet connection, more often than not, and particularly if you pull host, the latency compensation built into this game will put you at a distinct disadvantage. It's blatantly obvious to those of us who experience the issue and it ruins what should otherwise be a pretty awesome and competitive game.


      This could be a waste of time but it can't hurt. My thinking is that the more people we get to sign this, the less likely it is that the devs will be able to ignore the problem like Treyarch did.


      Signed Effanzo_mane

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