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    Clans FAQ and information thread. ( Updated 16:30am GMT 23th Nov)

      Changed the theme of this thread as the clan stuff is now going live and i'm sure there is going to be some more questions comming from people..


      Handy links for updates for Elite



      Elite status page   ... HERE

      Call of Duty Elite twitter HERE

      One of Swords twitter feed for all Cod/Elite updates HERE



      Clans - FAQ


      status update... Elite is now scheduled to be completely up and running "by" 1st Dec, this mean until then the service will be intermittent and expect parts to go up and down and functionality to be affected until then.

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      Added these two video which were posted by nick4068 in the thread which might help some people

      so all credit to him for the contribution


      How to make and how to invite to clan :




      How to join a clan in call of duty elite :




      1) I cannot make a clan, send invites or accept invites

      Elite is still buggy, and as they work to get everything online fully operational bits will go down, not work for some . Just be patient at the time of writting theres been over 20k clans made already , I know from making my own clan that the invites are going out but are taking time to show in peoples feeds, and likewise people were having trouble accpting invites.


      2) Ok I made my clan now what?


      First off you will see under the manage clan tab, various options, some of these will not be accessible until your clan reaches a certian level (more on that later)


      Info- this is where you can enter the name of your clan, the motto, change ingame callsigns as they unlock and edit the callsign to show the name of your clan.

      Roster - a list of your members and where you can promote people to leader, ban players.

      Invites - self explanitory, bear in mind elite still has a few issues so this is a bit hooky still but invites are going out,

      Custom Background - change the backgroun don elite to a custom one (again unlocked at various clan levels)

      Emblem - Create an emblem for your clan that is visible in Elite, it works like the emblem maker did in blackops, as your clan levels more options for various designs become unlocked.


      Ingame you will now see two new options under the Callsigns to add your elite clan callsign and tag.



      3) How do I level my clan?


      Currently until everything is up and running the only way is by having players with founder status join your clan (which as long as its the FIRST clan they joined will give your clan a 500 xp boost.) Once everything else comes online you can do ingame challenges and clan operations these three methods are the only way to level your clan.


      Only your clan leader can enter the clan into these so make sure if theres something you want to do you get the leader to enroll in that challenge/operation for you.


      Clan operations


      These work along the same princibles of the lone wolf competitions in elite, so you will have things like most kills in x game mode, or most objectives gotten ect, they are supposed to last a few hours and will award both elite badges and in some instances real world prizes. to keep the playing field on an even level keel so smaller clans arent handicapped by less clan members, Elite will take the top 6 scores of your clan and use those to make an average/top score to decide the ranking and awards.

      ONLY clan members who are premium members will get their scores included, non premium members will be able to participate but their scores will not be counted.


      Once the operation is finished, any awards given will be shown in your clan showcase so otherws can see what your clan has achieved, and in the case where real world prizes are awarded when your clan wins outright and collects the champion award the TOP 6 players in the clan will win a prize. so not only is their a competition between other clans but also between yourselves to win a prize. ( I would suggest in the cases where there is a real world prize so there isnt animosity or arguements you agree with your clan and explain the rules BEFOREHAND and pay attention and make sure you read the rules beforehand especially on the eligibility of players as during the elite beta we discovered some competitions and prizes were NOT open to certian countries )


      Clan challenges


      The first important thing with these is both free and premium clan members can do these to help rank up the clan, These work as the ingame challenges do now, so you may have to cap x number of objectives or kill x number of players or win x number of matches at time of writing these will give anything from 250 to 5000 clan xp depending on the challange.



      4) how do I find out what unlocks at what level?

      Click HERE


      Then move the slider along to see what unlocks you will get as your clan makes progress,

      5) How does the double xp boost work?


      Exactly the same way as previous xp boosts have (elite bonus xp or mountian dew/ retailer bonus codes) once unlocked clan members will see an xp icon on the playercard and a countdown of remaining time in their stats under barracks.




      I "think" i've covered the basics , if you have any other questions that are not covered under the links at the top of the page post them here and I will try to get an answer asap for people.


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