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    Need to Fix Quick Scoping

      One of my only really complaints found is the stupid quick scoping.  Sniper Rifles shouldn't be able to quick scope.  Its one of the biggest flaws in Call of Duty and really sucks when you see two guys on the final kill cam killed in seconds and the person is quick scoping them.  Its stupid and retarded.

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          1. Re: Need to Fix Quick Scoping

          Yea well deal with it. If the tiny ass maps werent so bad i would agree with you, but this game is super AR/SMG friendly so you shouldnt even be ********.

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            2. Re: Need to Fix Quick Scoping

            I agree quick scoping is a pointless and annoying part of the game please fix this or if it must be in the game have quick scping lobbies.



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              3. Re: Need to Fix Quick Scoping

              If you have a dis-advantage against quickscopers you should get off the game.

              Assual rifles are better in every situatian against quickscopers, if you don't have the aim to kill them dont complain. newfag.

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                4. Re: Need to Fix Quick Scoping

                It would hardly be an issue if they kept it like CoD4, WaW, or even post patch BO. They made it so easy in this game.

                S&D is already flooded with quickscopers, just like it was in MW2. They should make a sniper-only gamemode so we can keep these kids out of other modes.

                I know there is the people that say, "well if you get quickscoped then you suck", but really... what can I do when I get killed in a single bullet?


                And it doesn't have anything to do with the thread, but why did they nerf shotguns so much? It sometimes takes 3 hits with the pump shotgun to kill.

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                  5. Re: Need to Fix Quick Scoping

                  The problem w/QS is that a sniper always has the advantage assuming you both shoot at the exact same moment in CQ. His gun kills in one bullet, yours takes an average of 5-6 (depending on SMG/AR).


                  They should take QS and make it Private Lobby only, as it was in CoD 4 (I'd seen little to no QS outside of private lobbies in that game).

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                    6. Re: Need to Fix Quick Scoping

                    Ok everyone always complains about quickscoping and about how unrealistic it is and how unfair it is. First of all yeah it is very unrealistic, but so is half of the stuff in the game. It is afterall a video game. An SMG does not have the stopping power to hit a target from the range that you can in this game. A 50cal will rip your limbs off when you get hit. So either way there will always be unrealistic aspects of the game. As far as quickscopers having an unfair advantage, I dont think so at all. Tallented quickscopers can do very well, but you just have to learn how to counter them. In no way do they have an unfair advantage. Oh and for the record I only dabble in Sniping/Quickscoping. Im more of a smg rusher. I LOVE COD!!

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                      7. Re: Need to Fix Quick Scoping

                      Most of the unrealistic parts of the game are done to improve the gameplay, this game IS supposed to be realistic, but it is still a game.


                      A 50cal may well make a mess of someone, but I would like to see someone shoot accuratly with it standing up, let alone QS.


                      It makes a mockery of the game, it would not be so bad if there were some skill to it....

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                        8. Re: Need to Fix Quick Scoping

                        If quickscoping is working according to design than it's a design change you should request, not fixing. I understand what your point is when referring to it as needing to be "fixed." I personally don't care about that. I care more about the fact that lag is really bad right now. I watch the killcam and I am a good second behind what I saw and what happened on the killcam.

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                          9. Re: Need to Fix Quick Scoping

                          For the love of God, just stop with the whole ''Realism'' BS, your talking about COD, and you look like an idiot.



                          But no, let's go with the realism thing, yeah, this means, we shouldn't have perks, of any kind, no respawning, and all the guns need the damage boosted up to a one-shot, always, unless your hit in a limb or something. They also need the recoil and muzzle rise bumped up to that ''Realism'' standard, so no more laser guns I'm afraid, a 7.62x51mm AR is going to just fire straight up on full auto now.



                          Now I'm done mocking you, I shall go on to point out that any AR in MW3 can kill a Quick Draw Quick Scoper before he's even raised up his sights, it's been tested. In this game at least, it actually is true, if you get killed by a Quick Scoper, it's because you gave him enough time to pop you.

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