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    Censor on Elite

      Really?  I understand censoring some words, but censoring noob, kill, and others that I just haven't found yet?  Those two are ones I've found that have no place being censored.  What is IW's standard for censorship?  And is there a way to turn it off?

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          Re: Censor on Elite

          Sounds a bit silly that they sensor words that aren't sensored in game and on a service that is 18+ only anyway.


          I'd say they put in a preset word filter and haven't quite edited the word fliter to their liking yet.Maybe because they're a bit busy fixing more important things.


          Karza ^_^

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            Re: Censor on Elite

            its just another absolute failure by them... between the horrible launch, the spelling mistakes throughout the site, censoring common words etc... these people are amatures..


            i've had "day" censored.. as well as "kill"


            so having "DOUBLE KILL!" pop up on my screen in-game is cool but heaven forbid i use the word myself... after all the bs of restricting age to elite, you go all nazi on the censor filter?



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              Re: Censor on Elite

              Beachhead have a filter, that also ties in with the XBL filter, as EVERYTHING a player enters has to be passed by XBL. These filters not only sensor a word, but they also look at how a word fits with other words around it. Vahn wrote a great post on this in the Black Ops section explaining why some clan tags are banned even though they look fine on their own - put the clan tag next to a gamertag and suddenly you have an offensive string of text

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                  Re: Censor on Elite

                  thats not it in this case... its elite specific...


                  it does it in every single text field on the site.. not just clan tags..


                  and the clan i made was GKY... go kill yourself... not allowed... kill is censored... just made it up for my friends to play clan challenges, but its made now.. so what can i make GKY stand for? lol


                  tried to set a message on my clan page... "message of the day? go kill yourself"


                  "day? go" was censored as well as "kill"


                  its a nazi style word filter.. for a site they have locked anyone under 18 out of... and blocking words they use themselves in the game... then you see words like noob are also on the list..


                  this isnt a fisher price website... lol.. if its just an oversight and using a stock filter atm, then its just another sign of incompetance from the devs.. like the spelling mistakes.. it just proves they obviously didnt show much care for their "biggest media launch ever"


                  its shameful... hundreds of millions of dollars, if not in the billions now... and they cant have an intern proof read their site!? or take the 10min to set up the censor filter? or get their premium prepaid service to work 10 days after launch..

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