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    Kill to Death Ratio

      I deff think its someones choice to camp but what is really garbage is when people camp and never go for the objective cause they are worried about the KDR, and killstreaks. Played a guy tonight that had 62 kills and 4 deaths in a game of domination. The whole game he let his teamates get the flag while he camped out and objective stalked. Yes he had all those kills. and his team loss. He was bragging in the lobby how he owned everyone and how he was posting this game on Utube. Then he proceeded to rag on other players KDR. Yes my KDR might be at 85 but I go for every objective everytime. I also played another Domination game tonight were we lost by 10 points. As I am running up to capture it, I see my teamates see that it is captured by the other team yet sit right outside it and are trying to kill the other team. Not even making a attempt to get it once the enemy is dead.  When my friend asked what they were doing they replied, "i don't want to mess up my killstreak and KDR". Its a objective game,  playr Free For all. Its like the the A Holes that play Kill Confirmed and run right past the dog tags. Its a objective game. I have fun when playing and play as a team player. If your playing DOM and you have 0 captures then you have to ask yourself how much of team player are you? Yes people bought the game and can do what they want but don't make everyone else suffer cause your a tool bag. Play a non objective game. To the guy with 62 kills what happen when we went head to head. You got murked! So call in your 18 Kill streak helli all you want, your a garbage player and its sad. By any means I am not crying like a lil ***** or anything. I am also not claiming to be the best MW3 player. I am just stating if you are not helping your team and only play a objective game cause you can kill the enemy while they are going for it, you can only get a kill that way, your are worried about your KDR, and 18th kill streak heli, then you tuck your junk at night between your legs when you look in the mirror.

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          1. Re: Kill to Death Ratio

          tdm it is all about kdr but players that kill farm in objective show no skill apart from the one to camp an objective.

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            2. Re: Kill to Death Ratio

            Toggle mute and Counter-camp


            The best way to handle tryhards

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              Well I once got reamed by my team mates on Black Ops because we lost, and I only had 1 capture. I basically told them that beings I went 85-5 (on nuketown) and had a multitude of killstreaks, it should have been extremely easy for them to capture the falgs while the other team was dead or running back to the flags. Honeslty if you can't capture the flags when I have a chopper gunner and dogs out on nuketown, you deserve to lose.


              So in closing, you need one guy on your team to kill whore so you can get sweet killstreaks that help your team out. End of story.

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                4. Re: Kill to Death Ratio

                Just in reference to your slam over # of posts. My number is high but it is mostly from the past 11 months of posting on the black ops forum but my sign up date is from the first time I posted on this forum. This is probably the same for mr 958 posts.

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                  5. Re: Kill to Death Ratio

                  This is not a new subject. You are going to have those people that play for kills rather than play for the objective. I think in MW3 it could be even worse because the scoreboard doesn't show you how many caps or defends you had. That's just going to feed the people that care only about their k/d.

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                    6. Re: Kill to Death Ratio

                    If you do not care if anyone reads it why bother posting?

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                      7. Re: Kill to Death Ratio

                      @lishy_fips, its not about people reading it or not, its just about wonder if more then the people I game with believe the same thing.

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                        8. Re: Kill to Death Ratio

                        @johnny, I agree to an extent. I bet you didn't get in the lobby and smash talk the other team on the amount of kill you had and how the other team was garbage. Since I don't always get to play with a full team of friends you stuck playing with terds that will watch you get shot and the guy is reloading to step out of their camping spot. When I see my own team mates camping near the captured flag and not rushing it cause they are jack offs, then that is garbage and they only get a 10 kill killstreak and act all excited.

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                          9. Re: Kill to Death Ratio

                          I think it's funny that people think this is a team game. It is in no way a team game unless you are playing with a full squad of friends that really knows how to work together. Otherwise it's a bunch of people just running around all crazy trying to out kill each other.


                          The reason people do this stuff in objective games is because they know where the enemy is going to be and where they are going to come from. They wont play TDM or FFA because the enemy can be anywhere and they will not end up with the KDR.


                          This game is about who has the biggest KDR and the biggest Epenis. Nothing at all to do with teamwork. My advice is to team up with a few other people that play objectives and play with them.

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