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    Call Of duty Elite: uploading videos and linking your youtube account

      Hi guys,Ok first things first,


      1: I've checked that game record is set to on so all my games appear in my theatre no problem

      2: I have linked my youtube account via my Call Of duty elite page and I have allowed it etc and that's all fine

      3: I have uploaded 2 videos to my online vault, one was a whole replay, the other was an edited clip I made to just test the functionality.


      This was all done yesterday so I was wondering, how long is it supposed to take before these videos appear on my Vault slots on my Call Of Duty Elite page Vault Section? and then obviously how long after that before they begin to appear on my youtube channel? Or is this all still a work in progress with bugs/reported issues etc?


      I didn't see anything specifically about this in the first few pages of threads so thought I would just ask the question, any help would be most appreciated. thanks

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