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    Pointstreaks not actually pointstreaks?


      So are pointstreaks not actually pointstreaks?  In KC, kills are 100 points, so if streaks are being built by points, two dog tags should get me one step closer to a streak.  But they don't even count.  I thought pointstreaks were supposed to reward doing the objective, but that doesn't reward it at all.

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          I dont think that KC is considered to be an objective based game. seriously, think about it...with the support packages we'd see nothing but stealth bombers and juggernauts

          all game long.

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              I still dont know why people use the support packages there so terrible its sad. Hardline Pro + stinger + flash bang assists = predator missle with 0 kills, then air strike, then reaper. Congratz your now 9+/0 at the start of the game without firing a bullet out of your primary.

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                  the support package is great for objective players like myself id rather run that than the assault package id rather get my kills with a gun than relying on my killstreaks doing the doing the work for me

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                      Well agreed.  If you are still stuck on the old CoD ways and have to depends on your streaks to do all the work than you might want to consider working on your gameplay.  Support is a great streak for people who like to get the objectives done.  I almost always top the boards with over 25+ per game and above using strickly Support.  You can top the boards witha lot less kills than the top killer on your team.  What's bad about having 15-25 assist using a drone? How about getting a 4-5 kill multi kill from a stealth bomber?  Not toleave out Jug, where it is pretty easy to get over 10 kills with that streak alone.  It's all about your game play, not how fast you get your streaks, to me Support streaks come pretty fast when you're doing what you suppose to do instead of sitting a corner fishing for kills.

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                    I think of it as TDM with an objective twist. As the only way to end the game is time limit or 65 tags confirmed. TDM people can go in there and do their thing while the objective people can collect their tags that give XP to both.


                    Perhaps that's why it doesn't count as a pointstreak; because someone else can confirm your kill and if he confirms two of your kills then both he and you will get another point to your streak. That's just my off the top of my head - no real thought went into it - reason.