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    Can't invite clan members to clan or track players. clan issues and etc

      Only about a week ago ive had my elite premium founder status completely verified. Not only have I never received my double xp (2hr) but the most frustrating thing of all I wasnt able to make a clan for about 2-3 days afterward of actually gaining founder status. Now that I've finally made my clan WMD$ I cant acess my clan information to manage my invites and roster. I also cant invite people anymore or track them, I'll invite them to clan and refresh the page to see if the invite went through and the invite to clan button is right there as if I'd never pressed it. I even went to pending invites at the time where it did still work and about 20 of the invites I sent didnt exist. I kno you guys are working diligently to solve alot of the issues concerning high user volume and etc. But the way I feel right now is that I paid an extra 40$ for nothing While  I expected there to be issues in the first weeks of this game I did not expect such a magnitutde of issues concerning just making a clan sucessfully we have over 60+ members and only 3 have been able to accept the invite. The rest have either not been able to get on elite due to server issues or high user volume. and the other half haven't recieved an invite because elite wont allow me to send them due to a bug or some other issue. I'd like to resolve this issue because other clans seem to have no problems inviting people and it's frustrating to me as a consumer that my money I've put into this game has no profit for me