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    Best Weapon in MW3?

      Personally, i think the best weapon in MW3 is between the G36C, Type 95, and FAD. They all have good accuracy with high damage and the FAD has a high fire rate.  I favor the G36C, over half of my total kills with it, but i was wondering what other COD fans think

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          Wells theres MANY reliable weapons, I like the ACR 6.8 and akimbo machine pistols, etc. There's just not 1 OVERWHELMING weapon as if now, I see lots of people with different weapons, SMGs, ARs, SNIPERS, etc, thats awesome, I dont see all famas like in black ops

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              Give it a month; there's bound to be distinctive weapons that'll overshadow the rest. It happens every game.


              From my experience, I can see the MP7 being apart of that now. I better use it more while the gun's still fresh.

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                  I've stated this before, but this is the most powerful setup in the game:


                  Type 95 Rapid Fire/Red Dot

                  FMG9 Akimbo



                  Slight of Hand Pro

                  Assassin Pro

                  Marksman Pro



                  This setup has no weakness and honestly is absolutely ridiculous.

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                      You don't say? I suppose this class has things to deal with airstrikes, explosives, flashbangs, concussions, aircraft, dot chasers and the Recon perk?


                      If anything, the Type 95 with a Suppressor and Heartbeat Sensor goes way more along the lines of raging material.

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                          urbanevirtuoso wrote:


                          You don't say? I suppose this class has things to deal with airstrikes, explosives, flashes, stuns, aircraft, dot chasers and the Recon perk?


                          If anything, the Type 95 with a Suppressor and Heartbeat Sensor goes way more along the lines of raging material.


                          In the right hands, this class can easily prevent the enemy from getting any sort of aircraft.


                          Stuns and flashes are weaker than in previous games in that they take much longer to throw. At close range the FMG9's can be sprayed to counter being flashed.


                          I've been using Recon Pro since day one. Sometime between launch and the last patch, it's been severly nerfed. Recon isn't really something most people should even consider using at this point.

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                          As i have already stated in another post the type 95 is no different from the MW2 FAMAS and no one complained about that weapon here is my post


                          If you think that this gun is not the FAMAS from MW2 you are wrong I'm sorry you just are.  The fire rate might be a tad quicker, and thats with rapid fire, but it's still really close.  The only difference is that you no longer have to have stopping power on it.  Now before everyone flames and says that that is why its overpowered because it is the FAMAS with stopping power on it well that is not exactly fair.  This is because every gun in this game has basically been given stopping power, every weapon is more powerful than MW2 and that is a fact you can compare stats if you really want.  And before you all complain about me not having proof just watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in7oQ_6ZNfU and just see how many one burst kills he gets with the FAMAS, they are essentially the same thing and they are not overpowered because at the end of the day it's still a burst fire weapon and if you miss you lose, its that simple.

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                          I can easily see MP7 take over as the primary smg in MW3. I noticed many players have brought it over to their next prestige.


                          I am pleased with the P90. With Steady aim and rapid fire in conjuction with the range perk it is very powerful, leaving other offers than Scavenger as the first perk since it already packs more ammo than any other smg in the game.


                          Also the return of the G36C, and ACR makes for very strong ARs


                          I will play a bit more with the LMGs before deciding. But the stability of the PKP Pecheng in conjunction with Grip and Rapid Fire makes it a favourite until the M60E4 comes along (although you are restricted to some sort of sight on that one)


                          RASS makes for a good choise for those who have not mastered the art of QS, carrying 10 more bullets than the Dragunov and a larger magazinesize. I often encountered it compared with the Striker Shotgun and the Overkill perk.

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                          M4A1 is the best gun, most balanced of the assault rifles, even if it isn't one

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                            The best weapon in Mw3 is the one that kills in less than half a clip if shooting people in the chest.

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                              P90 With Rapid Fire and Range. THE BEST.


                              One burst and the guy is dead, nice and fast while moving and aming.

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                                Here are two custom classes I use a lot they aren't really overpowered weapons but


                                MK14 Red Dot and Rapid Fire

                                Type 95 Red and rapid fire

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                                  the mp7

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                                    MP7 was the first and only weapon i carried over added with range proficiency very handy in all situations, but i must stress the MP9 akimbo is by far the easiest gun to use especially with these small maps,im really not very good at this game but ive gotten 11600 kills with the MP9.these are only 2 guns i ever use and will carry on using until i get to 10th presteige.then i`ll take a look at the others available. dont bother with the FMG9 the MP9 is a far superior gun! its more accurate does more damage and has bigger mags

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                                      Hello add me on ps3 my name is sLiinnkkyy. 1v1 me? The best gun in this game is the acr for assault rifle. The best sub machine gun for close range is the pp90m1 and the one long rang is the mp7. ADD sLiinnkkyy for scrim.

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                                        PP90, MP7, or ACR

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                                          FAD with Thermal scope overkill with P90

                                          Sleight of Hand pro

                                          Marksman pro


                                          Trophy system ( Very under rated )

                                          Martydom ( To catch out thoose little campers lol )

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                                            New players: MP7 or ACR, fmgs, though most fully auto ars will do.


                                            Overall imo: the T95, Striker, c4, MSR & the PP90 are the best guns in the game

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                                              According to the official strategy guide it's the ACR closely followed by the mp7.  Having tried them all, oddly enough, they are the only two weapons I use.

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                                                Type 95 with Thermo and silencer. It's very good at long range, short range, and seeing through smoke. Actually had 3 guys from some clan fumming because I owned them with that weapon on a few maps before they rage quited.

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                                                  Seems like the guns with the most balance are the ACR and SCAR.

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                                                    I think the best gun in the game is the Type 95. It dominates at mid range since its a 1 burst kill. It beats snipers at long range if your accurate and it holds it's own up close with the 55 damage. If you liked the M16 or Famas in MW2, the Type 95 is just as good, just way uglier.


                                                    For full autos my choice has to be the MP7. I finally caved and used a prestige token on this gun and I do not regret it. If you throw range on it it's basically like having an AR with the fire rate and mobility of a SMG