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    [X360] Team iMba [LVL 25] Clan Recruiting! 6 hours Double Exp, Gold Clan Tag!

      Team iMba is a Friendly but Competitive clan who seeks to have fun with their members but win aswell.


      Who are we?
      We are a group of friends from Rainbowsix Vegas who been playing with each other for over 5 years!


      What's our goal for this clan?
      Our Goal for the clan is to build a friendly clan of skillful and non-skillful players and help BUILD the non-skillful players to be a better player. Once Clan Operations is release we will be doing them no matter what operation it is.


      How do you join?
      Very simple! Just leave your Gamertag below and I will invite you on Elite and leave you a message on Xbox Live to notify you that you receive your invite your our wonderful clan.


      Do I Have to change my Gamertag?
      No you do not have to but you can if you want.


      We are currently looking for more FOUNDERS to help us achieve level 30
      But if you are not a founder it does not mean you won't get a invite.


      Please leave your Gamertag like this on your post

      [Gamertag] - [Founder or not]



      If you have any question please feel free to message me on xbox!

      Gamertag- ViET iMba