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    Hot fix .11 works great

      I like this fix, I was on the good side of the lag comp, killing everyone, and no one could kill me, please keep version.11 for a while, thank you.

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          Lol. Lag compensation was the dumbest idea ever. This is why Treyarch should have never been alowed to touch CoD after MW was released

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            Dude shut up, lag compensation is unfair, do you like because you are a bad player and the only way for you to kill is using lag compensation, so shut up noob.

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                Lag comp does not affect anyones connection, it helps players with good connections too, why don't you google it and see how it works!


                It's also everyone with a good connection, you don't know your ping to the host, so how do you know it's not your connection.


                But hey, lets let IW do the diagnosis, they are the "experts", it will be a little while though...

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                guess you're one of the lucky ones, it's hell for me...

                There's definitively something wrong with all this multiplayer/lag compensation experimentation from IW, I've noticed some high ping users I usually play with are in "GOD" mode... I even tried to knife one from behind and while the knife/kill animation played out, the knife just glided on him and he didn't die...its rediculous actually.


                I've been playing this game for many years, and if you have basic math skills you can figure out my age from my username, that being said I'm also proficient at computing... and I'm not running on some crap internet connection. It's not great but better than average (20 down/ 1up) with a 48-58ms ping to google.com (which is pretty good considering I live in Greece).

                I also play on a wired connection and all ports/NAT are open.


                Never has this problem been so in my face with previous releases of this game...

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                    Like I said, the .11 fix worked good, I had some great games for a change.  Usually I am on the bad end of the lag comp.  My internet is very good!  So I get mad too......  But it aint your up & down speeds, it is IW matchmaking.  If IW are putting high ping players 'players that are far away from host"  in your room, you will suffer.