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        I want to have kind of a knife but no panic knife. The fact that people can just pull out a knife at the speed of lightning is really rage indusing. I don't think it is real life. So I wish it would stay but it takes a animation to take it out. Throw away the lunge. I would reduse the damage maybe make a more halo two melee hit system. Maybe a knife vest. I wish you would it so you equip it first. I am open to getting rid of it maybe it could take up a leatheal or tatical equipment slot.

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          I think number 8 would make everyone happy, but at what cost? The thing that is most infuriating is panic knifing, when you put 2 or 3 bullets into someone CQB and they still manage to land a knife and kill me instantly. Maybe adding a flinch effect like when you're normaly hit with a bullet in ADS would negate that.


          At least you guys are discussing it though, shows progress.

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            I say do nothing, its an essential part in the game, maybe just tone the lunge down so you do not go flying into the person but it has to stay, it shouldnt be removed

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              Return to using your gun to butt someone, or get rid of the knife lunge.

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                Wow, if only all game devs were like you, sir.


                Personally, I think option 1 could be good, could be bad, hard to say since CoD has had the knife for so long.


                Option 2 doesn't sound like a bad idea. Would it have a stun effect? Would it take to melee hits for a kill, similar to the riot shield?


                Option 3 sounds like a very viable choice, if balanced right.


                Option 4, very interesting, but I don't think that would balance out too well.


                Option 5, sure it sounds nice, but I don't think it would be used too much. It's not often that people die to knives that dedicating a whole perk to it would seem justified. As a pro version of a perk, that could be a viable choice.


                Option 6 doesn't seem like a bad idea, in the right circumstances. If you follow BF3, where a knife to the back is a OHK and front or side is a THK, then it could work well.


                Option 7; You guys are the devs, if you think it's fine as it is, then I'm sure we can all deal with that.


                Option 8 sounds the absolute best. Make it so that the melee is either an absolute last resort (out of ammo) or absolute stealth tactic (literally behind them for a kill) It wouldn't stop 'panic knifing' entirely, but it may put a hurt on many of those "WTF how did he knife me!" moments.



                Thanks again for opening up to the community!

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                  Keep the knife, remove the lunge. Bullets > knife too, meaning if I'm shooting them before they start the act of knifing that they can't knife me. Very frustrating to empty a 1/2 clip into someone only for them to be able to knife you. Or is that based on the lag compensation?

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                    #3 is the best in my opinion because it allows for more dynamic and close range use of SMGs and shogtuns.  The "panic knife" is probably one of the more hated aspects of the game when it comes to the competitive side of things.  I don't play a ton of pubs so I can't speak for normal gameplay like that, but back when I did play (CoD4) it was one of those things that you blamed on lag... bad for developers and bad for blood pressure.


                    Also (off topic) I'd like to see a matchmaking system dependent upon a halo style ranking system that matches players of equal skill against each other.  I honestly think that this will solve a lot of the rage-inducing problems that this series faces.

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                      option 3 seems the simplest / best way to me....

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                        make it a 1 stab to the back and a 2 stab kill to the front. if someone gets behind you then you deserve to die and if you get behind someone and have to knife them twice then get turned on it will lead to more frustration and an obsolite knife. 2 stab kill to the front, 1 stab kill to the back

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                          Consider this, make the knife do just as much damage as the "knifer" has health.  For example, if I shoot a guy twice, he won't be able to get a lucky knife off on me and one hit k.o. me.  This would all but elminate panic knifing, yet still allow the knife to be used as a stealth device if you sneak up behind someone, without the need to introduce new controls for pulling the knife out to kill people.  I feel as though this would remedy if not all, the vast majority of the problems of knifing.

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