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    Down and out Comment --> Love it..

      You know when you kill someone with a mic on.. and u can hear their last comment.. like "AAAHH WTF" or the seldom few (good) players out there and they'll admit and say "Ohh nice one.."


      I think that is deadly?!


      If it was a mistake and I hope it wasnt a mistake.. they should so not "fix" that..


      Oh just while im here.. if you running towards me (any amount of ya) without blind eye etc.. and a UAV is in the air.. im going to gone prone and kill all of you.. (im not camping.. nope.. just playing smart)

      The amount of times that happens and all I hear is "f**ing camper".. while im LMAO

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          Re: Down and out Comment --> Love it..

          No your not a camper your a dropshooter, i think that in some situations its a good skill or idea but when you meet the same person in a match who does it every time you come across them then it starts getting annoying, you have to start going round with your gun pointing half way to the floor leaving you open to other plays who dont dropshoot.

          Im not against it iv done it afew times, ie almost diing screen red with blood, drop to the floor and hope you come out the other end.

          But when you come to said person for a 1 on 1 gun fight and his first reaction is to drop to the floor and start spraying it gets abit boring, but then again who am i everyone is entitled to there own style of play.

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            Re: Down and out Comment --> Love it..

            I've only had one good thing said when I killed someone.  It was "man, I got owned".  The rest of the time it's people who say I camp (and I don't) or cheat (which I don't) or whatever.  Sometimes they are really funny.  Glad I can hear what they say when I kill them, but I'm careful to keep my mouth shut when I die, now!

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                Re: Down and out Comment --> Love it..

                I love the mic thing as well, i never used to where my mic unless i was in a party with friends but now i will where most of the time, i love it when someone brakes down online and some times i will play the game and give out a for gods sake or you lettle fcuker i didnt see you there just so they can enjoy the mic rage as well.

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