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    The FMG9 akimbo update -.-'

      so they "re-balanced" the FMG9 akimbo.  Except it did absolutely nothing, they still blatantly OP.  The only thing they changed was the fact that the hip-fire spread does not shrink when you stand still, so even when you are standing still the hip-fire is the same as if you are walking around, which is still smaller than all the SMG hip-fire boxes.


      This doesn't make any difference because when you are firing a gun, the hip-fire box is always at maximum spread when shooting anyways, whether you are standing still or running.  The only guns this affects are semi-autos.  Try running around with them, they are literally just as accurate as they were before.


      I guess i gotta wait til treyarch's next COD again to actually enjoy the game...

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