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    Finally tested the lag compensation theory, sad to say lag compensation is true.

      I have had a Comcast high speed cable 50 meg download/10 meg upload for a long time.  Modern Warfare 2  was great and I never had any real issues.  Black Ops came along and that is when I started having consistent issues with being behind/late during MP gameplay.  Instead of testing that game out I threw it in the trash because it sucked anyway.


      Now when MW3 came out I was sure things would be back to normal but they are not.  The same exact lag compensation is in this game also.  I constantly find games that tell me they are 50ms ping but yet I am a full second behind everyone.


      After being sick of all the bullshit I had to test out the lag compensation by ordering another Internet service provider with .5 meg upload and 1meg download phone line.  This is probably the worst service you could have.    So now when MW3 search's for games, instead of getting me 50ms rooms, it gets me 150-200ms rooms, lol.  After playing last night I can honestly say I feel like I am on even playing ground.  I was able to drop shot people, take a bunch of bullet damage, kill people in ways that would make them rage quit, truly sad things.  I can't believe a game designer would make a game work like this.  Compensate the worst connection?  really?   Sad