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    Hosting Lag Almost Gone 12-2-11

      Not sure if its luck, something being done with the servers, the fact that its the middle of the day on weekday, or some other possibility.  I played about ten matches today, I live in Ohio, played from about 10 to 12, pulled host every match, and would say the game ran at about 85%.  Thats much better than the typical 50% that I have had up until today.  The patch took place days ago, and I didnt notice a big improvement until today, so I doubt it has much to do with the patch unless they had to do something with the servers to take advantage of the patch.  For those of you like me who always pull host, as of today are you also noticing a big improvement?  Maybe its simply because the servers arent very busy during the middle of the day, but the game was running well enough that I didnt mind being host.  What do you guys think?