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        495. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

        Add to the hot-fix list "Adjusted Akimbo Scorpion hip fire spread (NERF)." I'm not quite sure why bowling chose not to mention this in his notes.  Beyond this though, I cannot possibly understand why increasing the hipfire spread of the Scorpions was even a concern while the current overpowered deathstreaks are around.  Final stand is absolutely outrageous, and needs to be patched.  It is beyond unfair.  The current deathstreak system does not improve players' ability, it simply justifies and rewards poor play.  Dead man's hand does nothing to make a bad player better.  There is absolutely no way to argue/justify that it does.  All dead man's hand does is make a player think, "Oh, it's no big deal if I die over and over, cuz I get to blow people up anyways!"  This leads to players not only not improving, but even getting worse.  Deathstreaks do nothing but infuriate good players who actually EARNED their kills.  There's no reason I should go 15-0, shoot a guy four times with my striker, and have him drop to the floor and explode with more explosive radius than any other explosive in the game.  Bowling made the argument that "Final stand is not a perk like last stand, so it's not as bad."  It is many, many times worse.  Final stand players have more health, can use their primary, and have an automatic drop shot right down to the on-the-floor position.  It's not fair, plain and simple.  Maybe make efforts to develope productive deathstreaks, say, when the person spawns, they get one sweep of an advanced uav.  Beyond the selectable deathstreaks, you've already put into the game a very brief spawn protection period where the players do not show up on radar and have resistance to explosives every time they spawn in.  This in conjunction with the deathstreak I meantioned previously along with copycat, juiced, revenge, and maybe even hollowpoint would create an environment in which bad players could recieve a bit of assistance to perhaps improve their game, but it would not be at the unjust detriment of good players who are actually earning their kills.  Just my two cents.  As I have no clout at all, this may mean nothing to you, but let it be heard.  Changes to address this problem would make your game much more enjoyable.

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          496. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

          Fix the PS3 hitmarker sound!

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            497. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

            They need to fix a serious issue with splitscreen.

            When playing splitscreen you can only select your first 5 custom classes or the default classes that no one cares about. That means if you've spent any prestige tokens on any extra custom class slots, you can't select them when playing splitscreen!

            Black ops never had this issue!

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              498. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

              Some one was after a moab and got killed by a ds so now has to rage on the forums about it. How sad and yet funny really...

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                499. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

                Deathstreaks shouldn't be in the game and your not going to have many people on here tell you they should be. They're only in the game so that the gamer who play 2 hours a month and goes 2-17 every game can get free kills and have some fun in the game and therefore buy the next cod. Deathstreaks have nothing to do with making a fair and balenced game, they are in there for the all mighty dollar, which is why unfortunatly I can't see them ever leaving the game or being nerfed for being overpowered.

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                  500. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

                  Hey I'm really glad to see you guys have nt completely made the type 95 useless with the nerf.Wat u guys did with reducing hipdpread was spot on well done . To those complaining about it been fast well that's because of the rapid fire prof and at a distance I expect to pwn with this setup but at close range yes I should be at a disadvantage which is why they nerfed the hip spread again well done devs on getting this right. If anyone thinks its op now well its there for everyone to use so pls stop whining about it

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                    501. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

                    Yeah, nothing has been fixed in terms of lag/lag compensation.  I so hate this game right now.

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                      502. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

                      Removed due to inappropriate language.


                      Props to IW for attempting to fix these things and providing us with info and updates. It is IMPOSSIBLE to please the millions of people playing this game at once. They are definitely taking a step in the right direction when you compare it to MW2 that was plagued with issues that were NEVER fixed. The game has been out for a month and they have released many patches and are still working on more. Give them a damn break. If it's really that bad then just dont play it.


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                        503. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

                        Slow your roll *******.  I was just commenting on the thread that "it is still an issue".

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                          504. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

                          They are very aware that this is an issue, and if you have been keeping up with fourzerotwo you would know that they are still working on it as we speak and it will be resolved. You expressed your hatred for the game and I helped you resolve that issue.

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